Home Design Philosophy

Even though the design methodologies for art and architecture are different, the underlying values are the same.  Good design 1) infuses the specifics and complexities of a situation to one of appropriate aesthetics (balanced form and function), 2) remains rooted in the natural world on multiple levels (sustainable), and 3) both provokes and comforts users or onlookers with an emotional and spiritual resonance (artistic vision without preset style).

Everyone has or will have physical and mental challenges throughout their lifetime with themselves or with someone they love; some permanently and some temporarily.  A home should be the one place where barriers to basic human functioning should not be compromised when needs arise.  Whether you want to live independently with or without a caregiving assistant, are living with a disability, are juggling a caregiver role with a full-time job, or have a special condition that needs some specialized attention, good home design should be adaptable for all situations without the need for extensive remodeling.

I bring my sensibilities as an artist and experience in healthcare architecture into home design with an emphasis on inclusive design, known in the industry as “universal design“, which maximizes lifetime usability regardless of age, ability, or status in life.  With both universal and sustainable design practices, the role of the home as a main caregiver helps support better health and wellness for its inhabitants while creating added value to your home for generations to come. By valuing the simplicities of daily living, we can bring back the art of living gracefully.



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