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Ellen Riingen grew up being the youngest in a Navy family moving throughout areas in Virginia and Rhode Island to finally settle in Southern California. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from UCLA, and her Masters of Arts degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture.


Ellen is currently working as an architectural designer at Moore, Ruble, and Yudell Architects & Planners, sharing her love for innovative, harmonious and nurturing designs. As an Associate AIA Member (American Institute of Architects) and LEED AP for Building Design + Construction, she is in process of earning her license for the State of California.

Also as a certified health coach in Integrative Nutrition, Ellen helps empower older adults in her community to greater health and independence in both their bodies and their environment.  Knowing their journeys help her to open insights into the future needs of healthcare, and to help bring “wellness” to a level beyond sustainability.

Ellen has designed and worked on many building types and master plans, but her sensitive nature and compassion has connected her strongly to healthcare architecture and dedication to nurturing the spirit of a place. She brings her knowledge and passion into providing creative solutions to environments using universal design, sustainable, and artful design practices, sharing and valuing the importance of aesthetic charm and grace.

Ellen combines her love and appreciation for the Arts with her belief in the importance of conscious and sensitive design for the health and well-being of the inhabitants. Through diligent practice, her nurturing heart, artful practice, and environmental mindfulness work together to compliment and transform each other to create her journey to help improve and cherish the human condition.

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  1. salome riingen says:

    Hi, Ellen, how are you doing? I like your post. Thanks for sharing!