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Design by landscape architect, Stephanie Rubin.

Design by landscape architect, Stephanie Rubin.

With summer fast approaching and record heats on the rise, keeping our pets cool and comfortable will be even more crucial for their health and well-being. Designing a dog house with a green roof may just be the ticket to a happier and healthier family member. Similar to a typical human-scale building, dog house green roofs can help lower the temperature inside by absorbing much of the sun’s radiation, holding in moisture to help cool the inside spaces.

GreenRoof Dog House-2

Winner of the American Institute of Architects-Barkitecture Competition.

With proper installation of a moisture barrier and grow weave mat, you can make a new or existing doghouse green in no time. For the lowest maintenance, choose plant that are native or adaptive to your climate. These plants tend to thrive happily with little to no watering, just the natural rain of the seasons. An herb or vegetable garden are also possibilities as well as mosses and grasses. Of course, always choose plants that are non-toxic to dogs. For a good start, check out the ASPCA’s list of best plant choices.

Doghouse by KPF Architects; shape inspired by how dogs twirl before settling to rest.

Doghouse by KPF Architects; shape inspired by how dogs twirl before settling to rest.

A patch of green grass can also become another lounge area for your pup if the structure can hold up. Dogs love their grass which help cool off their body heat when they lay on top. Grass is also instinctually eaten by dogs to aid in digestion. Planting your own grass organically, using organic soil and seeds, can assure your dog is eating only the best.

GreenRoof Dog House-1

Hugo, a French bulldog, with his eco-doghouse and its succulent garden, in Mill Valley, Calif. (DREW KELLY / The New York Times)

A green roof with a well designed building and plenty of water can keep your dog comfy cozy in those mid-day heats and give the rest of the family a great project to learn about sustainable design and our connection to the environment.

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