What is the Fine Art of Wellness

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Art, architecture, and wellness are three words usually not found together, but they should be.  As much as architecture has an aesthetic aspect usually seen as art for the “elite”, the practice is more about protecting the inhabitants health, safety, and well-being as well as raising the standards of daily living to higher levels of quality.

From the earliest of times, East to West, primitive to modern cultures, interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit (energy) has been found to be part of the natural balances that keeps us in a state of “wellness”. Across the vastness of the universe as well as within the microcosm found within every atom of our biological cells, the choices made in our day-to-day lives resonate this energy within our bodies, as well as to our families, society, and throughout our planet.

As society’s awareness grows to empower its health concerns, the importance of creating effective, balanced living environments will become more and more apparent. Whether it is the foods chosen to eat with family, the placement of a window to the sun, the color of an aging parent’s bedroom, the support of creative arts in the local schools, walking instead of riding, or placing a vote for a cultural center within the city, choices matter for individual and societal wellness which will last for generations to come.


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