Live Longer By Better Sound Design

We live in a world where people focus on the visual and tactile qualities of a design more than sound. What more and more research is showing is how important sound control is for the quality of learning, productivity, and overall health.

Now most responsible architects and engineers, especially those who design assembly spaces and newer hospitals, are very aware of controlling sound and there are standards in place for design guidelines, but maybe the standards need to be raised. Acoustical engineers are specialists in the field and may be appropriate for specific requirements.

What architects can do is to stay aware and informed, so they can be stronger advocate for sound control as a valued quality within spaces. I agree that there are a lot of architects out there who mainly design for that “money shot” for their portfolio, so what clients can do is to make sure sound control is addressed as a concern in the design process and not have it left by the wayside. Sound is much easier to address in the initial building process than as an afterthought.

Thanks Julian Treasure for your insight and “sound” advice. – pun intended :)

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