What is Home Health Care?

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“Home health care” is a form of healthcare service provided where a patient lives. It differs from the term “home care” in that it provides more specific medical-related care than the basic tending to everyday needs.

The purpose of home health care is to promote, maintain, or restore a patient’s health and reduce the effects of disease or disability in partnership with the main medical community.

There is much evidence today that the home environment can be one of the best places for a quick and less-stressed recovery.  And with the rising cost of healthcare, the home may be the only choice for people for recovery as well as child-birthing and hospice needs. Many doctors and nurses are now providing home visit care as a much needed and viable option to the current traditional healthcare system.

It is becoming clear that the role of the home needs to be an important part in the healthcare equation. A well-designed home can support and balance these needs while still maintaining the function, charm and comforts that make it a home.


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